Covid19: Children going to school with mask.

Covid19: EU sheds light on mental health


Worldwide the Covid19 pandemic is affecting almost all areas of life. For many people, its impact manifests itself in feelings of insecurity, loneliness and stress, among others. To focus on and reduce the mental health impact of the pandemic, the European Commission organizes an online action day on mental health on May 10th from 10:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. Entitled "Mental health and the pandemic: living, caring, acting!", the event is part of this year's European Mental Health Awareness Week. Panel participants are experts from the health sector as well as representatives of non-governmental organizations, civil society, patient organizations, the European Commission and the European Parliament. For more information, please visit the European Commission's website.

The funding program Hospital Partnerships - Partners Strengthen Health currently supports 16 projects on mental health, including the large upscaling project "Mental Health in Vietnam". Interested parties can find the projects in the field of mental health directly on the world map/start page.


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