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Mental health

Partnership between Evangelische Lukas-Stiftung and Sheptytsky Spital Lviv

Mental health
Partner Country
Partner Organization in Partner Country
Sheptitskiy Hospital
Mr Dr. Theol. Andriy Lohin
Partner Organisation in Germany
Evangelische Lukas-Stiftung Altenburg
Mr Dr. Christian Schäfer
Project Duration
Funding amount
Up to 1805077 Euro
Funded by
The aim of the partnership between the Evangelische Lukas-Stiftung Altenburg and the Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Hospital is to provide further training for health professionals from the partner hospital in the fields of nursing, sociotherapy, management and psychology.
Problem: Ukraine’s health system is currently undergoing radical transformation. The health system, which by law is free of charge to citizens, is inefficient, underfunded and marked by corrupt structures. The care available to the poorer sections of the population is thus inadequate, and the situation might be further aggravated in future, if medical and nursing staff elect to leave the country.
Main activities: Within the framework of the partnership, training is to be held for nursing staff, occupational therapists and psychotherapists. Training is also planned for managers in the form of three seminars: developing values and team building, motivating your staff, and quality management.
Short-term results: The training will aim to enhance the care and treatment available to patients in the partner hospital.
Long-term results: The trained staff are to act as multipliers, thus improving patient care outside partner facilities too.

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