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Patient and occupational safety in surgery at Mbouo, Cameroon

Partner Country
Partner Organization in Partner Country
Evangelische Universität Kameruns (UEC)
Mr Recteur, PhD Jean-Blaise Kenmogne
Partner Organisation in Germany
Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Mr PD Dr. med. Andrej Trampuz
Project Duration
Funding amount
Up to 49920 Euro
Funded by
The partnership between the university hospital Charité Berlin and the Evangelical University of Cameroon (UEC) and the Protestant Hospital Mbouo in Cameroon aim to improve occupational and patient safety during surgery in Mbouo.
Problem: High instances of preventable deaths due to anesthesia, substandard intensive care before and after operations as well as surgical interventions which do not meet international standards, jeopardize patient safety. Additionally, inadequate procedures for medical personnel frequently leads to infection or injury and eventually to the loss of qualified personnel.
Main Activities: The personnel in the surgical and intensive care wards at the Protestant Hospital are trained on perioperative care with a focus on occupational and patient safety. Technical equipment in the surgical and intensive care wards are improved and infrastructure is expanded. The training of UEC students specific to safety for health personnel and patients will also be improved through educational materials, the provision of practice materials, and capacity development.
Short-Term Effects: Equipment and competencies in the area of patient and occupational safety are improved at the Protestant Hospital and UEC.
Long-Term Effects: Patients and medical personnel profit from improved standards in the areas of patient and occupational safety.

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