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Special needs, special care - Epilepsy-Treatment for Children and adults (with disabilities)

Dar es Salaam
Partner Country
Partner Organization in Partner Country
Cardinal Rugambwa Hospital
Mrs. Dr. Sister Sarah Deogratius Kahumbya
Partner Organisation in Germany
Ev. Krankenhaus Alsterdorf gGmbH
Frau Marion Förster
Project Duration
Funding amount
Up to 48087,90 Euro
Funded by

In the hospital partnership between the Cardinal Rugambwa Hospital (CRH) in the north of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and the Evangelisches Krankenhaus Alsterdorf, knowledge about the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy is exchanged. The clinic partners reflect on their personal attitudes towards people with epilepsy and/or disabilities.


The need for specialised treatment for people with epilepsy and/or disability in Tanzania is great. However, many individuals remain untreated because they are stigmatised in the population and hidden by their relatives. As a result, their participation in society is limited. People with epilepsy and/or disability consequently belong to a vulnerable population group that is not adequately cared for.


  • Knowledge transfer on the topic of diagnosis and therapy of epilepsy
  • Acquisition of an EEG device and training of the doctors and neuropsychologists of the CRH on how to use it
  • Observations for doctors, nurses and therapists of the CRH at the Epilepsy Centre in Hamburg
  • Establishment of an epilepsy consultation hour at the CRH - Joint, digital case discussions


At the CRH, people with epilepsy and/or disabilities find an offer for diagnosis and treatment. This increases their participation in society.

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