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11 questions to Prof Dr Meryam Schouler-Ocak

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In his book "Fragebogen" (Questionnaire), the writer Max Frisch set out 21 questions. We think 11 questions are just as good. Here, hospital partners answer them personally.

Prof. Dr. Meryam Schouler-Ocak was born in Turkey and works as a senior physician at the Psychiatric University Clinic of the Charité in St. Hedwig Hospital. She heads a hospital partnership between the Berlin Charité and the Mental Health Center in Tbilisi, Georgia. She filled out the questionnaire "11 questions - 11 answers" directly after the first meeting of hospital partners from the field of Global Mental Health.

Hello Mrs. Schouler-Ocak!

Hello dear Hospital Partnershipss Team,

1. The best thing about 2021 for me so far was... that we got through the pandemic well so far.

2. This is something I have recently relearned.... online contact maintenance, can work after all.

3. The most touching situation in my project was… when in Tbilisi a patient with high-dose medication and massive side effects approached us and said with a smile in his face that he was happy about our visit.

4.This miracle has happened to me in my life: I picked up my phone and was about to call someone… without dialing his number he was already on the phone, he had just called me… this happened to me three times with this person.

5. The most important book for me is...

6. That gives me strength in life... humour and laugh.

7. If I ever have a free evening, then.... I relaxe, talk on the phone, watch a nice movie or listen to music.

8. On this occasion I got really excited.... difficulties at border controls

9. What I learned the most in my project is ... that we are doing really well and that we are complaining at a very high level.

10. What I appreciate most about the existing partnership is that... the authenticity and warmth of the project staff.

11. This is how good friends describe me: friendly, courteous and reliable.

Last but not least:

I’m very grateful that we are doing so well.


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