11 questions - 11 answers with focus on our hospital partners
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Project participants
GIZ Klinikpartnerschaften Screen Weltkarte 12400x7100
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Sister Sarah Kahumbya: "Engagement and effective communication are key to partnership."
Canva Andrej Lohin
On the basis of human feelings
Ukrainian theologian Dr. Andriy Lohin from Lviv in the questionnaire.
Saskia Davi neu
"In Gabon, we are pulling in the same direction."
Saskia Davi is involved for mother-child health in rural areas of Gabon.
Hintergrund Schäfer
11 questions to Dr. Christian Schäfer
GIZ Hospital partner Dr Christian Schäfer is working as a psychiatrist in Ukraine.
Schouler Ocak
11 questions to Prof Dr Meryam Schouler-Ocak
Prof. Dr. Meryam Schouler-Ocak of Psychiatric University Clinic of the Charité in St. Hedwig Hospita…