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Mental Health in Times of Crisis - Webinar Series


The virtual series "Mental Health for All" invites to its next webinar on the 17th of May 2022 at 3pm (CET). In the light of the pandemic, the non-governmental organization (NGO) “United for Global Mental Health” first launched the webinar series in April 2020 together with “The Lancet Psychiatry”. The series focuses on mental health in times of crisis.

“United for Global Mental Health” advocates for a world that will enable good mental health for all. The NGO globally increases the visibility of the issue. To do so, it networks with international organizations and governments to ensure that additional funding for mental health flows on national and global levels.

The webinar series brings together experts, policymakers and a professional audience. It aims to provide evidence based solutions for improved psychosocial support in crises and to highlight the priorities of staff providing mental health support in conflict zones.

The English-language series takes place once a month. Those interested can register for free via the “United for Global Mental Health" website. Further webinars are scheduled for the 28 th of June, 26 th of July, 30 th of August, 27 th of September and 25 th of October at 3pm (CET).


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