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EriChildCan, Pediatric Oncology in Eritrea

Pays partenaire
Organisation partenaire dans le pays partenaire
Orotta Hospital
Mr Dr Habteab Mehari
Organisation partenaire en Allemagne
Universitätsklinikum Essen
Ms Prof. Uta Dirksen
Durée du projet
Montant du financement
Jusqu'à 44940 euros
Fondé par
The continuation of the partnership between Essen University Hospital and Orotta Hospital aims to deepen knowledge regarding the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in children gained in the first training programme in order to sustainably improve the treatment of childhood cancers in Eritrea.

In Eritrea, no treatment is available for children with cancer. As cancer treatment is seen as ‘luxury’ medical care in Eritrea, the country’s children and young people have in the past not received any treatment for cancer, even though the rate of survival following targeted treatment stands at 80 per cent.

- Implementing treatment protocols on treating childhood cancers
- Expanding structured teaching, involving relevant pharmacological practical skills when handling chemotherapeutic agents for students of paediatrics
- Providing structured training in diagnosing lung diseases using ultrasound

The implementation of treatment protocols and the provision of training courses in inexpensive and safe diagnostics is intended to allow children and young people with cancer access to targeted care.
By implementing paediatric oncology, Eritrea can serve as a model for other countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

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