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Non-communicable diseases

Nepal Stroke Project - A project to provide basic stroke care to every person in Nepal

Non-communicable diseases
Pays partenaire
Organisation partenaire dans le pays partenaire
Grande International Hospital
Herr Dr. Raju Paudel
Organisation partenaire en Allemagne
Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg
Ms Dr. med. Christine Tunkl
Durée du projet
Montant du financement
Jusqu'à 34436 euros
Fondé par
The partnership between the University of Heidelberg Department of Neurology and the Nepal Stroke Association aims to establish 20 ‘stroke-ready hospitals’ in order to reduce stroke-related disease burden in Nepal. In the context of the country-wide project, the Grande International Hospital in Kathmandu is being expanded into a comprehensive stroke centre.

Given that they cause significant deterioration in the quality of life, strokes are a health burden in Nepal. Very few people in the country have access to appropriate stroke treatment. Physicians also lack the requisite expertise to provide suitable treatment, which leads to treatment errors.

- Establishment of a comprehensive stroke centre
- Implementation of standardised treatment guidelines, process optimisation and training in the
Nepalese hospital
- Establishment of 20 country-wide stroke-ready hospitals for basic stroke treatment
- Regular stroke training for nurses and neurologists at each hospital
- Campaigns to raise public awareness

The optimised acute treatment and training courses held, as well as the establishment of stroke-ready hospitals intend to ensure basic care and treatment for the Nepalese. They will also be made aware of the prevention, symptoms and treatment of strokes.

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