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Hospital partners personally

"In Gabon, we are pulling in the same direction."

In his book "Fragebogen" (Questionnaire), the writer Max Frisch set out 21 of them. We think 11 questions are just as good. Here, hospital partners answer them personally.

Saskia Dede Davi was born in Hamburg, is a medical student and is doing her practical year in Sindara/Lambaréné, Gabon. There she is involved in the CERMEL-BNITM project as a hospital partner to improve diagnostic capacities and preventive examinations for pregnant women in rural areas.

Hi, Mrs Davi!

Hello, dear hospital partnership team!

1. The best thing about 2021 for me so far has been:
my family - every year!

2. What I recently learned new:
to work without water, internet, electricity and with as few resources as possible!

3. The most touching situation in my project was:
the teddy bear hospital to raise awareness against COVID-19 in Sindara, Gabon.

4. This miracle has happened to me in my life:
To see my family again after 13 long months of COVID-19 restrictions and uncertainty.

5) The most important book for me is:
"Zu zweit tut das Herz nur halb so weh" (Julie Kibler)

6. This gives me strength in life:
my family and my closest friends.

7. When I have a free evening, then I... cook and enjoy the food!

8. On this occasion, I was really upset... that there are still cases of perinatal HIV infections, even though Gabun offers free and comprehensive HIV programs during and after pregnancy to prevent mother-child transmission of HIV.

9. What I have learned in my project is:
How poverty can impact health and the way it becomes clinically relevant/evident.

10. What I appreciate most about the existing partnership is that... that we all act in concert, that we help each other and exchange knowledge.

11. This is how good friends describe me: creative, funny, ambitious.

Last but not least:

Hakuna Matata.


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