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Hospital partners personally

"Think big, start small" - 11 questions to neurosurgeon Dr. Patrick Kamalo

In his book "Fragebogen" ("Questionnaire"), the writer Max Frisch set out 21 of them. We think 11 questions are just as good. Here, hospital partners answer them personally.

Dr. Patrick Kamalo is head of the neurosurgery department at the Queen Elisabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre, Malawi. Together with his German counterpart Dr. Thomas Kapapa from the University Hospital Ulm he leads a Hospital Partnership. Dr. Kamalo currently lives and works in his country of birth Malawi. He answered the following 11 questions right after shooting the 2nd livestream - here on YouTube - of the series "Growing together in diversity - Hospital Partners in dialogue".

Hello Mr. Kamalo!

Hello dear Hospital Partnerships Team,

1. The best thing about 2022 for me so far was...

the stabilization of the Covid 19 pandemic and the beginning of international travel.

2. This is something I have recently relearned: To think big but start small.

3. The most touching situation in my project was... learning that our practice in Malawi is also helping change in the practice of our Partner in Germany.

4. This miracle has happened to me in my life: It is a long story.

5. The most important book for me is... the Holy Bible.

6. That gives me strength in life... seeing the people in whose lives I have made a difference when they became patients.

7. If I ever have a free evening, then... I would sleep.

8. On this occasion I got really excited... when I learnt we will be getting neuro-navigation through our Partnership.

9. What I learned the most in my project is... think big, start small.

10. What I appreciate most about the existing partnership is... open communication.

11. This is how good friends describe me: Entertaining, reliable and innovative.

Last but not least:

Money is not a solution to all problems, but for the work we do in Malawi, we could do with more of it.


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