Wrap Up of the Conference
Voices from the Community

Resilience and solidarity - on which topics Hospital Partners are jointly working on

Midwifery worksho in Berlin
Knowledge and experience exchange

Meeting in person and anchoring international cooperation and sustainability in a practical way

Workshop in Bonn

From India to Tanzania: Hospital partners take others on a world tour in a workshop format.

Mother and child in Malawi

In our regional network meetings, people from different specialist topics and cultural backgrounds come together.

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Our partners work in many countries around the world, often experiencing similar situations. Their need to share information about their profession is acute. This is why we support them by providing regional and specialist workshop formats where they can meet each other and learn from one other – among other things – either face-to-face or on virtual platforms.

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Learning from one another

The peer-to-peer approach of the funding programme enables joint projects among equals. In the process, both partners – German and international – gain a lot of valuable experience. We help the project participants to reflect on their learning experiences and to integrate them into everyday life.


Community and Communications

Hospital partners are a specific community that has a direct access to humans, hospitals and stakeholders. We help our partners to network with other actors and to reach their target groups, through personal advisory services, email exchange and online content.

How we link hospital partners with one another

The Hospital Partnerships funding programme develops and shapes forward-looking joint formats for and with hospital partners. These include specialist meetings, regional networking sessions, workshops and virtual content such as webinars and teaching videos. These are continually being expanded and new areas are being explored in depth.

The team supports stakeholders from the medical and health sector through advisory sessions, email correspondence and active participation in numerous meetings at conferences and specialist meetings. Feedback from the partners is an important element here.

All participants receive invitations to the respective formats during the funding process and taking part is free of charge.

Those who implement medical projects with international partners are active within the global health, civil society engagement and international cooperation nexus. We help you to put concepts from the world of international cooperation into practice for your project work. Hospital partners from different projects learn together during thematic workshops with experienced trainers. They deepen their knowledge of project management, intercultural communication, monitoring, development policy and sustainability.
There is a particular focus on the GIZ ‘Capacity Development’ management approach – projects in an international context are successful when people and systems are strengthened in such a way that they can develop and expand their own capabilities.

Another focus is on sharing knowledge about communication/PR for their own projects and about finance and administration in the GIZ funding process.

Scaling up projects

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Snakebite management in Laos is the focus of a partnershipy by the Bernhartd Nocht Institute Hamburg with the Vientianen Hosputal/Laos. — Copyright: ©GIZ/Julian Busch

Upscaling of specific hospital partnerships

All of our supported hospital partnerships work on relevant issues and on the basis of trust. A few hospital partnerships hold the potential of developed solutions and concepts that can change an entire country. These partnerships have mostly grown over years and are highly effective in working together in a spirit of trust and confidence. The partners work on an issue that is not only of national relevance, but has also a critical mass of political interest. The solutions developed here are embedded excellently in the national context and can be thought big in the context of upscaling. These hospital partnerships already have promising approaches. They are being intensively accompanied and supported by the GIZ team. The goal is to think the concepts at scale, prepare them for a dialogue in the national arena, and to lobby for setting the right course.

Upscaling is an exploratory approach throughout - there is no guarantee of success.

Project Posters

Project Posters
— Copyright: GIZ

Networking in Practice: The 1st Hospital Partnership Conference in Berlin

Networking is an integral and important part of Hospital Partnerships. To promote sustainable regional, national and international exchange, the GIZ Hospital Partnerships funding program invited to its major conference in Berlin in October 2022. Under the slogan "1st International Conference of Hospital Partnerships" - Resilience & Solidarity in times of crisis", knowledge was shared, and numerous new relationships were established and deepened. Through this platform, new approaches and developments are currently emerging that will further strengthen health professionals worldwide.

More than 350 participants came from 40 countries and all medical fields. In addition to numerous workshops, lectures and discussion panels, all Hospital Partners contributed copiously: The projects were exhibited individually as posters by each Hospital Partnership. This gave each project the opportunity to address the other Hospital Partners and to engage in an intensive exchange with other conference guests from politics, science and civil society.

Would you like to learn more about the exciting Hospital Partnership projects? You can download all posters of the conference below.

PDF: Africa Poster


PDF: Asia Poster


PDF: Ukraine Poster


PDF: South America and Carribean Poster


Diversity social background
01/27/2022 - 01/27/2022
Charité: Online lecture on social background and mental health
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11/02/2021 - 02/01/2022
Planetary Health Academy - no healthy people on a sick planet