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Marion Förster: "With every personal encounter, new perspectives open up.

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In his book "Fragebogen" (Questionnaire), the writer Max Frisch set out 21 of them. We think 11 questions are just as good. Here, Hospital Partners answer them personally.

Marion Förster is employee of the Corporate Communications unit of the Alsterdorf Protestant Foundation, which runs the Evangelisches Krankenhaus Alsterdorf in Hamburg/Germany. Together with her Tanzanian colleague Sister Sarah Cardinal from the Rugambwa Hospital in Dar es Salaam, she leads a Hospital Partnership. Marion Förster lives and works in Hamburg.

Hello, dear Ms Förster!

Hello, dear Hospital Partnership team!

1. The best thing about 2022 was....

that we were finally able to visit our partner hospital!

2. This is what I recently learned:

A few words of Swahili.

3. The most touching situation in my project was...

meeting parents of children with disabilities who talk about their everyday worries and the commitment of the staff in the partner hospital to support these families.

4. This miracle has happened to me in my life:

Seeing my children grow up.

5. The most important book for me is...

At its best, literature opens up new perspectives and insights for me, so there are many important books! At the moment I am very excited about "Women, Girl etc." by Bernardine Evaristo.

6. That gives me strength in life....

Meeting people who remain confident even in the face of crises and difficult conditions and who are committed to small and large projects for good coexistence and strong communities.

7. When I have a free evening, I...

I like to walk along the river in Hamburg, the Elbe, and meeting friends.

8. . On this occasion I got really excited....

That the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities was already signed by Germany in 2009 and yet there is still such a long way to go to implement it.

9. What I have learned most in my project is ...

that reality sometimes overtakes the project planning 😉

10. What I value most about the existing partnership is ...

the cordiality in contact, the unconditional optimism in the face of great challenges, and the drive to get things done.

11. This is how good friends describe me (3 characteristics):

Inquisitive, warm-hearted, pragmatic.

Last but not least (what I always wanted to say...)

Every personal encounter opens up new perspectives.


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