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Medical professionals form a team together. This is how you set up a project and apply to us.

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Our hospital partners implement joint trainings on ultrasound on hip dysplasia for preventing chronic consequences in newborns.

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Around 50% of our hospital partners work together on the topic of communicable diseases.

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'Global' line of funding

The ‘Global’ line of funding is aimed at German institutions (such as clinics, hospitals, associations, foundations) that have an institutionalised partnership with a medical institution in a low or middle-income country. Funding rounds are announced twice a year. The partner conducts training/continuing professional development courses as well as joint training courses. The aim is to improve health services worldwide by focussing on health care staff and to ensure that people receive the best medical care. Funding is based on a signed subsidy agreement. Non-german institutions cannot apply for funding.

PDF: Infoflyer funding line global

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'Academic' line of funding

Calls for proposals for the ‘Academic’ line of funding are issued once a year. The line addresses German-international partner projects that jointly implement research activities. The focus is on capacity development with the aim of sustainably improving health care in low or middle-income countries. The funding program provides up to EUR 300,000 over a period of 24 months. Non-german institutions cannot apply for funding. Funding is based on a signed subsidy agreement.

PDF: Flyer funding line "Academic"

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Special calls for proposals

The funding programme is geared towards current developments and needs in the area of international cooperation and global health. Depending on the German Government’s priorities, there may occasionally be special calls for proposals on specific topics. Non-german institutions cannot apply for funding.

Any healthcare organization in Germany can apply for funding. Our German hospital partners are diverse.

University hospitals

Hospital partnership tool

Partnerships in international cooperation are a useful learning tool to bring about positive change – through joint activities such as advisory services, training and learning modules, partners develop content together and create new knowledge for the health systems and their most important resource – the members of staff. Hospital partners gain wide-ranging experience together on project management, intercultural communication, dealing with complex issues and country-specific topics and regions. This always happens on a personal level. Their partnerships between equals are highly motivated, incorporate aspects of diversity and are geared towards the local context. A peer-to-peer approach is encouraged and acts as an incubator for development and reflection.

Application process and project selection – the steps

You need a concrete project idea for your application. This will be discussed and defined in a dialogue between international and German clinic partners. Please allow sufficient time for this before the next funding rounds are announced. Only German non-profit or public-law organisations together with their partner institutions are eligible to apply.

  • Applications for both funding lines must be submitted exclusively online via the application portal on the homepage. In addition to general information, detailed explanations of your project idea are required. The application guide will give you a first overview (download below). The call for applications for "Global" always takes place in spring and autumn of each year.
  • After the application deadline, all applications are first formally reviewed by the GIZ funding programme team. For the "Global" funding line, the content is then reviewed by a Technical committee. This committee is made up of long-standing experts from the fields of medicine, global health and international cooperation. In a first step, the applications in the "Academic" funding line are reviewed by members of the Scientific Advisory Board. Subsequently, the applicants with the best-rated outlines are invited to submit a full proposal. These are evaluated in a 2nd step by the Technical Committee.
  • After approval by the contracting agency, the projects selected for funding receive a grant agreement from GIZ. This is signed by both parties and the project can start.

PDF: Application guide Global


PDF: Application guide Academic

Video: How to plan and apply?
From the first idea to an application of a project team: In this YouTube-video you will find the answers on key questions.

Preparation of the agreement

  1. Before the agreement is drawn up, the German partner organisation’s commercial eligibility is checked
  2. If your application is successful, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH concludes a subsidy agreement with the applicant institution. This lists the approved funds, planned activities and the reporting requirements
  3. You may be asked to provide additional documents for both the commercial eligibility check and for the drafting of the agreement
  4. Implementation of project activities will only begin after the subsidy agreement has been signed by both parties.

Learn more about project implementation

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